Sillybandz NFT

New Updates & New Launch Dates

We have delayed the launch to make sure we give all our NFT supporters the best possible launch! Hop in the discord for current updates.


Presale Launch
1/22 - 12PM EST

Public Launch
1/23 - 12PM EST

Get On The Whitelist

By joining on our whitelist, you are guaranteed access to the Presale pricing during launch.

*Metamask, Coinbase or TrustWallet recommended.


Sillybandz were the original NFT collectible and now you can own a piece of your childhood and history of this legendary brand! Every Sillybandz NFT features a shape from the specified collection, as well as an accessory and a custom background. Every NFT was painstakingly thought out and designed by our in-house creative team with rarity and collectibility in mind. As Sillybandz grow in worldwide popularity and the exclusivity of this small collection reaches the masses, it will surely drive up the desirability and prices. You can confidently take pride in ownership of your 1 of 1 Sillybandz NFT.




Frequently Asked Questions

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs’ main function are to be digital art and look cool, while some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event. Think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members only” card.


5,000 for the first drop!


The minting event for the pre-sale and the public launch will take place on our one and only website, . You will be able to mint using ETH and a MetaMask wallet. Once all minting is completed, you will be able to view your Sillybandz in your MetaMask wallet and on OpenSea.


Please check out our How To page for more information on getting starting and making your first NFT purchase.

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Presale Pricing will be .06Eth. Public sale pricing will be in .08Eth. 

You will be able to view your NFT purchase in a few different places. Please refer to our “How To View My NFT” guide for more information.

Because Sillybandz is already a globally recognized brand and wildly successful collectibles, we feel that based on the market rate that our prices are really fair. Compared to many unknown brands and artists launching similar projects, we are, in fact, priced in the middle range. Also since our NFTs are tied to a physical product that is highly collectible in its own right, we believe the upside to our NFT collection will be much higher and bring more value to their owners.


You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.
With the explosion of NFTs on the market over the past year, we felt that Sillybandz were a perfect fit due to the worldwide brand recognition, the real world utility of our physical bandz, and the fact that Sillybandz are already traded as unique shapes and collections.
That is ultimately a decision for you to make. We believe Sillybandz NFTs have a long life ahead of them, and will be an ever growing and evolving project. However, the success of Sillybandz NFTs relies on so many factors and variables, no one knows! Like anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to not have.  Conceivably, Sillybandz NFTs could go to the moon, and we want you to be on the rocket.

We have reserved 100 Sillybandz NFTs to giveaway in competitions and holder airdrops. Most of these will be given out after launch. 

Simple answer is no. We primarily like many other NFT projects use Discord as an active community for getting information out fast and helping resolve any issues. While you do not have to join the discord, we do encourage it to keep up with the latest info and to ask any questions you may have.